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- The geographical position of Cyprus in connection with both the infrastructure has developed, and the tax incentives offered to foreign investors and the large number of double taxation agreements concluded with other countries, have made a very significant commercial and economic center in the region of south-eastern Mediterranean.

- The taxation of gains (12,5%, the lowest in the EU), which applies to all companies have their  headquarters in Cyprus and the large number (43) agreements with other countries to avoid double taxation, have contributed crucial to attracting foreign companies (international, shipping), who choose to install them, setting up enterprises in the form of the Cyprus Company Ltd.

- According to the latest official data from the Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver, all listed Cyprus Companies until 07.31.1908 is 198 793 with the entries of new companies to grow significantly in recent years (from 9080 records in 2003 to 29,016 in 2007).


 The Advantages of Cyprus, as an international and European business centre


 Cyprus has been a full member of the E.U. since 1st May 2004.

 • The island is an already established international financial centre.

 • It is the ideal place for incorporating a company within E.U.

 • Cyprus has signed a large number of double – tax treaties with a large number of countries, for the avoidance of double taxation.

 • Due to the extensive double – tax treaty network, Cyprus is an ideal location for investments to and from central and eastern Europe and for investments to and from the European Union.

 • Cyprus is a low-tax country within the E.U. and can offer you the lowest tax regime (12,5% tax).

 • Cyprus maintains an excellent legal and economic infrustructure. Accountants, banks, tax authorities, hotels etc, have the highest professional standards.

 • The above are only a few at the reasons why thousands of business people around the world choose Cyprus as their ‘base’ for their business activities.




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